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Estación polar
Estación polar

25 years before Ecuadorian independent music played on YouTube, Spotify or at international festivals, the first demo cassette of a band from New punk circulated hand-to-hand among teenagers who spent their afternoons skating and talking about music in a small town in the Andes.

In the rainy and deglobalized Quito of the 90s, Mamá Vudú became the reference band for a whole generation of musicians, urban characters and rebellious adolescents who identified with the idea of ​​creating and living under their own rules.

Fans of Mama Voodoo savored the illusion of witnessing what appeared to be the emergence of the first Ecuadorian band with an important place in the scene Latin American alternative. But this never happened. It was never in the plans of the band give up even a millimeter its principles and let itself be seduced by the mainstream. Its essence was always the true spirit of punk: making music for freedom to do so.

This documentary is a visual and sound portrait of an era, a generation and a of the most emblematic bands in the country. It is the tribute of a fan to the voice of a generation.

Genres / Categories: Documentary, Music
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