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Mono con Gallinas
Mono con Gallinas
2013 1h 24m

Based on real people and situations

A long stretch of the Amazon forest is divided by the border between Ecuador andd Peru. This territory has been the cause of disputes and ongoing conflicts between the two countries. But one specific confrontation in 1941, changed its geography and history … forever.

It is the story of Jorge a young boy from Quito that ends-up unexpectedly in the middle of the jungle as an inexperienced Ecuadorian soldier. Initially Jorge is confident that  the military service will gain him recognition and respected as a man. But the reality is very different when he faces  death, abandonment, hunger, forcesds of nature and especially the strength of human nature. That’s when Jorge is forced to grow-up and leave behind youthfull ways and city life inorder to  give birth within himselfs to courage, friendship and hatred.

Captive in an enemy camp, and immersed in a confusing sea of ​​feelings. Who am I ? a patriotic nationalist, or heartfelt  man of flesh and blood. Jorge must discover who he has become learning from two impossible relationships with his fellow prisoner Hugo and Dolores, a Peruvian nurse … beyond fate and the border that divides them.

Director: Alfredo León
Genres / Categories: Fiction
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